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Is my child a liar, or just a good storyteller?

When a parent comes in with a chief complaint being that their child seems to compulsively lie its time to pause and consider how to think about this issue in a different and more constructive way.  Any problematic behavior, be … Continue reading

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Panic attacks and their impact on our relationships

  In my practice, I often get people coming in describing the abrupt onset of a panic “attack”.  This is a perfect description of what these escalated anxious episodes feel like for the sufferer: as if they are suddenly and … Continue reading

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Healthy Boundaries in Relationships

Having “Healthy Boundaries” is a concept I hear thrown around a lot by people who’ve had experiences in therapy, my fellow clinicians, and even pop culture/media these days.  It is also, unfortunately, an often misrepresented and misunderstood concept, in my … Continue reading

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